Project Funding / Acquisition services

Stander Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd assists companies to acquire project funding, equity partners and capital for projects in the following industry sectors in EMEA countries:

  • ICT / Telecommunications infrastructure projects;
  • Renewable energy infrastructure projects;
  • Commercial, Retail and tourism property development;
  • Large scale infrastructure projects;(e.g. Airports, Harbours)
  • Bulk services;(e.g. Roads, Storm water, Sanitation and Water)
  • Public-private partnership (PPP) funding;
  • Large scale Agricultural development projects;
  • Health Services and Infrastructure; (e.g. Hospitals, Clinics) 
  • Sport and Recreational development; (e.g. Stadiums, Parks)
  • B-BBEE funding & Structuring;

Telecoms Managed Services

All Stander Investment Holdings solutions are underpinned by our Managed Services offering which can be tailored to meet your requirements, be it a single component or a full end-to-end solution.

Managed Services: Manage

The Manage function provides the daily operations of the environment according to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) processes. It includes the operational specific processes and procedures required to ensure that specific technologies perform optimally.

  • Network Optimisation of back-haul routes;
  • Portal Access to view status of faults;
  • Security Services to ensure the highest levels of reliability and security.

Managed Services: Improve

Through the Improve function, we continuously look at ways of enhancing our service delivery relationship. By taking advantage of technology innovation, we can enhance your technical architecture to ensure that it’s fully aligned with your business needs.

Managed Services: Innovate

The Innovate function reflects a true partnership between us and you as our client. Through a shared risk/reward relationship and the innovative use of technology, we help you to pursue opportunities to grow your business.

Enterprise Project Management Services

We assist large scale projects with Enterprise Project Management Services following the guidelines below:

  • To ultimately ensure that a portfolio of projects in an organisation or a large scale project is effectively managed and co-ordinated from an effective central Enterprise Project Management Office;
  • To assist the organisation in distinguishing between project management and process management by finding the balance between projects and running the operations;
  • To assist organisations to bridge the gap between the company or large scale project’s vision and the portfolio of projects to achieve the vision;
  • An organisations and/or large projects structure may need to be changed in order for the Enterprise Project Management Office to be effective;
  • The Project Office is key to ensuring that project management is effectively applied across the organisation;
  • The Enterprise Project Management Office needs to assist with the project stakeholder management to ensure that there is synergy and that conflict among key players is minimised;
  • The reporting function is key for the EPMO function to ensure project milestones are on track, within budget and that risks are identified promptly and mitigated accordingly.

Project Management Services

Project Manager or Representative

In that role, we draw upon the following skills and services and services that can be provided separately or combined.

  • Team Leadership;
  • Team Selection and RFP’s;
  • Team Communication/Direction;
  • Planning;
  • Budgeting;
  • System Cost Analysis;
  • Scheduling;
  • Estimating;
  • Project Assessment;
  • Owner Representation;
  • Project Reporting;
  • Assistance with Feasibility Study;
  • Assistance with Financing;
  • Project Financial Statement (Expense Side);
  • Weekly PM Reports;
  • Invoice Verification and Cost Control;
  • Pay Application Verification;
  • Project Audits;
Project Monitoring

When you select Stander Investment Holdings to protect your interest on one or all of your projects, you can expect the following:

  • Continuous Project Risk Assessment;
  • Periodic Onsite Project Progress Monitoring;
  • Developer / General Contractor Contract Review and Recommendations;
  • Schedule Verification and Monitoring;
  • Change Verification and Monitoring;
  • System Cost Analysis and Trending;
  • Budget Monitoring;
  • Pay Application Verification and Cost Reporting;
  • Consistent Communication with the Project Team;
  • Project Reporting.