Stander Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd was incorporated in 2017 by Adriaan H Stander.  

The original vision of SIH was to initiate and participate in projects in the telecommunication sector.  Due to viable opportunities presented over the last few years we expanded our vision towards additional industry sectors and related projects.

We collaborate / interface with other organisations in the various industries, ensuring that projects are delivered in the most compelling, dynamic and efficient way possible.

Some of the business areas that we focus our business on:

  • Project Funding Acquisition Services
  • Business Development Services (DBS) / Enterprise Development
  • Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Consultations,
  • Occupational , Health and Safety (OHS) Consultations,
  • Private Sector Development (PSD)
  • ICT / Telecommunication Develop & Managed Services
  • Technical Advisory Services
  • Enterprise Project Management Services (EMPO)
  • Project Management Services (PM)
  • Engineering Advisory Services
  • B-Pon / FTTx / Fibre Planning and Advisory & Managed Services
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